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The Changthang winter nights in Korzok

November 16, 2017

The Himalayan winter had already painted the Changthang in the beautiful Arctic white.The temperature reading was way way below zero.It was -28.7 degree and the frightening wind of Changthang was ruling the dusk.The Himalayan hamlet of Korzok on the bank of the Tso Moriri lake was still blushing in glacial beauty.Korzok Village was my first stop in my Changthang trip.The tiny remote Himalayan village is situated at an formidable altitude of ~15000ft overlooking the vast expanse of the trans Himalayan lake of Tso-Moriri and the spectacular mountains all around.The beautiful Tso-Moriri lake is at a stones throw from the village.The winter had tamed the mighty high altitude lake of Tso Moriri (~15000ft) into a frozen carpet of glacial ice.The torquise blue water of the trans Himalayan lake gave in to the bone chilling cold of the winter.The entire landscape resembled the panoramic view of the Arctic,glacial white all around.

In winter life comes to a standstill due to extreme cold in this part of the Himalayas.The temp drops down to the negative forties and the lake freezes to solid ice.The village gets cut off from the rest of the Ladakh due to snow piling on the road and no tourist dares to visit this place in winter.One needs to visit the village to believe the extremity of life in winter.After three years of trying unsuccessfully to visit Changthang in the dead of winter,i became lucky on the fourth time to go to this winter wonderland. I was staying with a shepherds family in the Korzok village on the bank of the frozen Tso Moriri Lake.

The searing cold was sweeping through through the windswept Changthang plateau with full force.As the night falls, the winter unleashed its deadly spell of cold.I was warming up to the woodfire lit stoove (known as Bukhari in Ladakh) in the kitchen.It was snowing heavily outside.The temp reading was -32 degree centigrage and the night was still young.Far from the city life i was spending the night with the shepherds family in one of the most remote part of Changthang in the Himalayas.The snowfall continued throughout the night.Sitting on the kitchen and warming upto the wood fired stoove i asked Mrs Sanam Dolma to tell her life story and her time in the mountains.As the night passed on, weaving the woollen gears and putting a beautiful smile on her wrinkled face she spoke  on her broken Hindi and i was glued to her soulful story.

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