Exploring the street art in Melbourne

November 15, 2015

There is art every where in the world.We need to remove the curtains from our eyes to unblind us to see the art in every thing.The beautiful city of Melbourne boasts some of the most spectacular street art corridors in the heart of the city and is one of the best street art capitals in the world.I have heard and read a lot about street art in Melbourne.During my trip to this beautiful city,i wanted to visit the streets that carried artistic splendour on the walls.

To explore the city and to explore the local wonders my beautiful friend suggested me to go for a Melbourne free walking tour.In Melbourne Free walking tour they take you through all the iconic landmarks within the city that includes a walk through the street art corridors.

Love is playing in the art corridor

Love in the art corridor

The street art in Melbourne city started in the late seventies and became huge popular gradually and today Melbourne is one the great cities for the street arts in the world.Very few cities in the world let the artists to express their artistic freedom in the streets as city of Melbourne does.The Street Art in Melbourne has became one of the identity of this cosmopolitan city.

Come and explore the art within me

Come and explore the art within me

I joined with the Melbourne Free Walking Tour guide along with a group of 17 people from different countries in the world.We started the walk from the state library to variois iconic landmarks.I was new to the city of Melbourne and during the walking tour i lost track of my walking group and accidentally found the street art corridors in the Bourke street while roaming around to get my way back to the Flinders street.That was the first time i saw street art in the city of Melbourne.I was hooked to the artistic expression on the walls.They are multi coloured,multi textured,emotive,obscure and artistic.As i moved on from street to street i explored the beauty of the street art.

The artist is giving life to his art

The artist is giving life to his art

The street art in the lanes and alleys in Melbourne attracts a lot of tourist.Even some agencies are now offering organised street art tours in the city.I was fortunate to see some of the artists making the art on the walls.It was a new experience for me.From the Bourke street i came to the Flinders lane to find some of the beautiful depiction of art on the lane.The lane was full of tourists.Some of them are curously clicking photographs and some of them are curiously watching the artists drawing and painting their art on the walls.


The art beholds the door

With prior permission of the building owners,the street arts are legal in Melbourne and the city has a code for it.The city celebrates the street art as a part of its cosmopolitan vibrant urban culture.Lost from the walking tour group and left to roam alone i explored the street art in the city of Melbourne and i loved every bit of it.

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