The Lady Farmer of the Shang Fu Village,Ladakh

October 22, 2015

We were camping at Shang Fu village in Ladakh for our Stok Kangri Expedition.Its a remote village comprises of around six to seven houses and a monastery situated atop the nearby mountain.The village is far away from the nearest town Karu on the Leh Manali highway.The motorable road ends here and the trek starts from this point.

It was being day one we set out on an acclimatisation walk to get ourselves ready for the daunting high altitude trek that awaited us.The weather was pleasant.The clouds were in patches in the sky covering the sun.After having our lunch under the open sky near a stream we were ready for the acclimatisation hike.We climbed up to the nearest monastery on a hilltop.On our way to the monastery we met this beautiful Ladakhi women who was watching her livestocks grazing in the nearby field.She was simple yet beautiful,she was old yet young and she was reserved yet graceful.When we asked her about her paddy field and her goats she shied away to talk to us.But later when my friend clicked her photo and showed to her she gave an unalloyed smile.That smile was priceless.Then we sat down and had a chat with her.We were surprised to know that she was living alone in a house near the perrenial stream.

The lady is looking at her herd

The lady is looking at her herd

We roamed around her paddy field,player near¬†the field,chased the wild chickens near her house.She was smiling looking at us so playful.We interacted with her (although neither she nor we were able to understand each other’s language)and convinced her to have a photograph with us.

The lady farmer's paddy field

The lady farmer’s paddy field

It was an absolute pleasure meeting her and knowing her way of life in such a remote village in the mountains far away from the habitations.Everytime I meet the mountain people and listen to their stories my respect for them increases manifold.

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